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For getting the most out of your epoxy floor systems. Critical step in a successful industrial flooring installation is the surface preparation for the application of the flooring system. The long life of your new floor depends on it. Preparing concrete surfaces for coatings or all of epoxy systems it’s very important step to make a good connection between the surface and the first layer of primer epoxy Surface preparation is perhaps the most important factor when executing an industrial flooring project. And unfortunately it is usually the most overlooked factor. Too many flooring projects are failing, because the surface preparation was inadequate. Poor surface preparation can lead to huge post-project problems. Problems may include the coating cracking, or detaching itself from substrate. Other problems may include bubbles or other particles in the coating, wrecking the appearance of the floor. The worst part is that the. problems may not appear straight away, but after a few months when the industrial facility is in full operation. The costs for repairing the floor could be massive if operations need to be stopped.
EOC knows that in order to ensure the best possible performance, the concrete surface must first be prepared. Proper concrete preparation improves the adhesion of your floor coating system and can help it maintain its high quality over time. So EOC has many concrete surface preparation systems that fit your project. Shot blasting, Triple head grinder, Scarifier and others. EOC knows your project needs well.
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