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Poly Coat

EOC Polyurethane coat is solvent-free and is included in polyurethane flooring system.
Polyurethane coat features a high chemical resistance, fixed and shiny color, easy to clean, very good corrosion resistance, good durability, multicolored, good decorated appearance, slip resistance, high resistance to a lot of chemicals and good abrasion resistance.
Polyurethane coat is good alternative to epoxy coat as distinct from the possibility of epoxy implemented in places exposed to the sun.
EOC always recommends using polyurethane coat in external areas, factories, parking garage, car service centers, hospitals, Playgrounds, labs, clubs, schools, and many activities. You can get Polyurethane coat from EOC. We have many skilled technicians ready to help you. Contact us today for more information about Polyurethane coat service.


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