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Poly Screed

EOC has many polyurethane screed systems like Ucrete, Flowfresh and many systems fit your business needs.
polyurethane screed is a single layer 4- 6 mm, seamless, solvent-free and is included in polyurethane flooring system.
Polyurethane screed features a high chemical resistance and resistance to surface abrasion, and recommends always using it in premises that require a high degree of chemical resistance, health and safety.
And it is always recommended to use it in places where the temperature ranges between -20 to 80 degrees.

EOC always recommended to use Polyurethane screed in food and beverage factories, cold rooms and kitchen, chemical factories, meat, fish and poultry processing factories, Pharmaceutical industry and many activities EOC has a major business history in the field of polyurethane screed. Contact EOC Customer Service to get the best prices


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