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Epoxy Coat

EOC Epoxy coat for floor is 100% solid epoxy consist of two-component. EOC epoxy coat always recommended to use in garages and car service centers as a paint for floors which facilitates cleaning process because it does not allow the formation of unwanted oils. You can also make entry and exit arrows and signs indicative of different colors.   And are also used in the flooring of all types of: factories, garages, hospitals, labs, schools, car service centers, clubs, gasoline stations and stadiums and also used in the insulation of cabinets and a lot of other uses where feature always epoxy floors with high resistance to abrasion and high resistance to chemicals and non-slip.
EOC Epoxy coating provides the combination of durability, attractiveness and hygiene. These properties along with chemical, abrasion and Low maintenance cost Epoxy coat can be applied directly over many types of existing flooring concrete, ceramic and steel. EOC is specialized in epoxy coatings and offers a wide variety of customized solutions. Contact us today for more information.


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