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Self Leveling Epoxy

EOC self leveling epoxy is 100% solid epoxy with some of the light graded sand. The self leveling epoxy thickness of 1, 2, 3, 4 mm and it depends on the request of customer and the requirements of the workplace. Why should be use self leveling epoxy in your project? The EOC self leveling epoxy is the best way and the most powerful and the right choice for many clients with epoxy self leveling features is decorative appearance and has many colors and does not allow the formation of bacteria and gives a smooth surface which is easy to clean as well as high resistance to friction and surface resistance to many chemicals and also non-slip.
Highly recommended epoxy self leveling on all factories, especially pharmaceutical factories, food and beverage factories, hospitals, labs, cars service stations, garages, kitchens, Electricity rooms and many other uses. When chemical resistance is a requirement the self leveling epoxy from EOC is the best choice for your project. With EOC you can always choose the right flooring color for your project If you have new or renewed flooring, contact us today to find out more about self lev


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