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Mortar Epoxy

EOC Epoxy mortar is 100% solid epoxy with some of the graded sand.
And it is always recommended to use epoxy mortar in places exposed to high strain and hard work which feature epoxy mortar with high resistance for many chemicals and non-slip and non-formation of bacteria and oils, acids and other unwanted substances.
Usually epoxy mortar thickness ranges between 5 - 20 mm epoxy mortar can be used also in curing damaged concrete floors before epoxy paints work.

EOC epoxy mortars are formulated for installations where exceptionally high strength, chemical and impact resistance are required.

EOC always recommend using factories, garages, clubs, hospitals, labs, warehouses, docks, airports and many of the hard work activities.
EOC epoxy mortar screed is the perfect choice for your project. Best prices and fastest time We can do what you want for your project. Just contact us to find out more about our service


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