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Quartz Epoxy

Decorative quartz flooring system from EOC is a combination of beauty and strength that is designed to keep your floor looking and performing well for years to come.

EOC epoxy floor quartz is 100% solid epoxy resin and can be used with a variety of graded quartz.

Decorative quartz flooring can be finished with a wide range of options to help you create a unique beautiful floor.

We can apply epoxy quartz in many different colors and textures to provide seamless, slip resistant and decorative epoxy floor.

Just because the epoxy quartz flooring is beautiful, does not mean it's sensitive -away from that.
Epoxy quartz from EOC is very strong floor. When it comes to decorative epoxy quartz flooring. Contact your EOC representative to learn more about epoxy quartz When you can use epoxy quartz in your project? If you have a restaurant, cafe, hospital, lab, store, pharmacy, shop, club, factory, school and many of activities. the epoxy quartz from EOC is the best choice for you. Choose your favorite floor color now.


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