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Epoxy Systems

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Epoxy coating is a 100% solid epoxy for the most durable long lasting coating for your garage basement or any industrial & commercial floors this system is approved by USDA as safe for commercial institutional and industrial flooring system.


It’s an anti- bacterial system with a variety of thickness 1, 2, 3 and 4 mm And we can help you to choose the suitable system with a lot of benefits.

– Chemical and heat resistance.

– Easy to clean.

– Slip resistant


ESD flooring system services as a conduit for electrical static charge to discharge to controlled ground point. So if you have computer training room, data warehousing, electronic testing, testing labs or clean rooms … etc.

Anti – static system will be your best choice.


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To the best decorative appearance to your industrial and commercial floors so choose epoxy   to your walls with a lot of benefits .

-easy to clean                       
-anti – bactenial  

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If applied an epoxy floors, these services are able to provide a seamless finish as well as long-lasting shine to the floor. To suit the variegated demands of our clients, we offer these services as per their convenience.

EOC epoxy coving gives many advantages like highly durable, longer service life, superior finish, anti-bacterial, easy to clean, decorative appearance and many of features.

Acrylic flooring systems

It is a sport flooring for indoor and outdoor application which is ITF3 and ITF4 certified.



It is the most common type in Egypt and the most economical one. It is ideal for tennis courts, volleyball, basketball and a lot of other fields

It is a rubber flooring and this type is characterized by

Long-term, most shock absorbing player and ITF3 certified.


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Polyurethane screed features a high chemical resistance and resistance to surface abrasion, and recommends always using it in premises that require a high degree of chemical resistance, health and safety
and it is always recommended to use it in places where the temperature ranges between -20 to 80 degrees.



Polyurethane coat is good alternative to epoxy coat as distinct from the possibility of epoxy implemented in places exposed to the sun.posed to the sun.

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